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Mine Matic at Home | Polygon | by unmineable

Everyone can start mining MATIC with any notebook in under 10 minutes using this step by step, regardless of your technical you will be able to increase your cryptocurreny knowledge and start mining Matic (polygon network token) with your GPU and or CPU now!!


Polygon network is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem. Polygon network is the cheapest gas fee ecosystem on existing DEX.

Let’s get you to start!

STEP 1: Step 1: Get a Wallet and a public address so you can receive funds in the blockchain for the coin you want to mine.

Use your Binance account, Crypto or Guarda Wallet. Create the accounts on the links below if you don’t have one.

Binance Account

Other options might include Metamask WalletExodus or Trustwallet.

STEP 2: Download the Unmineable Miner Software

Before downloading the file, set some folder exclusions on Windows Defender, in your antivirus and also in your browser so you can download the file without being bothered with notifications of dangerous files.

Official Unmineable information can be check from this site: Unmineable

Download the MFI version (Miners files included).

The unmineable software is just one executable file, it already contains all the configurations so it is the best and easiest way to mine Matic.

Run the file as an Administrator in windows.

It looks exactly like this when you run it:

You can select GPU cards or CPU.

Mine Matic

It will take you to the second screen where you will enter your Polygon Matic Address and also the code which will allow you to drop your Dev Fee from 1% to 0.75%.

Use the code: kbv3-ijmh to reduce your Mine Fee from 1% to 0.75% .

Your screen should look like this:

Mine Matic

Click on the Start button, you should see a similar screen:

At this point I would recommend you to click the option at the bottom to display the logs (Looks like a sheet of paper), here click Force Stop.

Then click the Settings Icon, in the screen that pops up you want to double-check a few things:

  1. Make sure the algorithm selected is ETCHASH if you are mining with 4GB cards, use ETHASH for cards with 6GB or more, if you selected CPU everything is ready to start mining no need to select anything.
  2. Make sure the Code:  kbv3-ijmh is showing in the referral box (Recommended, not mandatory).
  3. Set a name for your worker (The computer you are mining from).
  4. Set your mining Intensity at the top, I would recommend High for those periods when you are not using the computer.

It looks similar to this:

Click on the Save & Restart button to start mining !!

Once it starts you can check the speed of your Graphic card which shows as the Current Hashrate.

Also, you can click on the stats button on the top right to go directly to the Unmineable website where you can check your balance and request a manual payment.

Note: Recommended you change a few settings in Windows, there are people that disable the Updates and also disable sleeping mode, hibernation, or anything that could turn off the computer while it is not in use.

When using a Notebook, make sure it has some battery or is plugged so it won’t shut down.

Congrats, if you are using Unmineable you are now a miner !!

Cap Circulation: 10Billion Token

Update mined: around 14billion Token

New per day: Around 7.46B token

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