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Crypto news today

Crypto news today and Bitcoin surges in earthquake

Cryptocurrency News today

This Article will update cryptocurrency news, trends day by day and up today! Of course with some analytics, comments, and or some information. Maybe together with; What’s up, What’s down, and or Mind of the Market….Yeah, we can say that it actually analysis the world market  and write some words of our views

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Crypto: Biggest price rise
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Crypto: Biggest price loss
Equities: Biggest price loss
Crypto: Biggest vol increase*
Equities: Biggest vol increase*

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Digital Domain Lets It Rip

Crypto, broadly speaking, is on the rise today. Digital assets, in terms of their add-up total market capitalization, saw a surge Mon night into Tuesday morning, touching, at one point, $1.87 trillion. That’s an enhance of nearly 4%, according to Nomics, per Decrypt, noting crypto shutting on its all-time tall, reached earlier this in around 28 days, of $1.9 trillion.

There’s PayPal news, giving the sector a boost, but there’s several safe haven sentiment with severe turmoil in familiar, centralized finance following the implosion of an overleveraged hedge fund (long the mistaken names via derivatives) but gigantic banks stung by course losses.

Bitcoin crossed backside over $59,000 on Tuesday as of 8:30 a.m. (EST). It seems to be the beneficiary of the whirlwind volatility surrounding the continue week’s expiration of about $6 billion worth of options, with bullish bias winning out but apparently spilling over into this week.

After Rebranding As AscendEx, Bitmax Sees Its Token Go Way Off Message

Only a few lesser declines can be spotted among the top one hundred coins (Filecoin slightly dipped) even though nothing pops out as especially debilitating, save for an unexpected tumble by the 81st-largest-coin, Bitmax Token.

This comes one a period of 7 days after the trading platform announced it had relaunched as AscendEx in the English-speaking globe, but “Dingfeng” to Chinese speakers. BTMX got gouged by about 16% in 24 hours, as of Tuesday at 9 a.m. (EST).

If direct wrecks are your thing, there’s Credit Suisse Group AG (CS); the Swiss bank’s stock sank 14% on Mon after it revealed lofty losses tied to the Archegos Capital fiasco.

Safe Haven Narrative Surges As Digital Flows Wane

Archegos Capital was forced to dump nearly $30 billion worth of shares as a portion of the unwinding of several wrong-way over-the-counter derivatives bets, forwarding shockwaves through the global banking system.

It’ll procure a few more days to examine to what actual amount of the financial entity turmoil is main to any type of flight to crypto.

One indicator flows into crypto funds, would appear to propose a waning appetite for funds that invest in digital assets, at fewest as of the final week.

The weekly CoinShares Digital Asset Fund Flows Record, published yesterday, utilizing databases as of March 26, famous that while Bitcoin vehicles are keen on the Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) still are encountering inflows, the swagger is slowing. Flows into digital asset investment products remained bag determined (+$20.6 million) for the more importantly recently measured seven-day period, CoinShares said, anyhow they were at their lowest since final October.

Crypto Appears To Cash In On Wall Street Chaos

Beginner investors were seen as vulnerable but in want of protection following the wildly volatile GameStop trading episode. Yet now ultra-sophisticated Archegos shines an even brighter light on risky trades but market structure failures dash amok.

In addition to the hammering of CS yesterday, the carnage additionally touched Nomura Holdings (NMR). Those shares tanked 14% as reality regarding major trading losses set it in.

Among the firms affected by the Fri firesale: ViacomCBS (VIAC) but Discovery Communications (DISCA).

Some giant Chinese firms, which trade as ADRs in the U.S., were swept up as well.

A hedge fund unwinding on account of too mighty leverage but several bank counterparties convulsing, we’ve seen this before – apart now there’s a fresh asset lesson, crypto, to serve as a safe haven.

Questions about the systemic risks associated with the sudden, chaotic Archegos deleveraging were raised via a tweet by Allianz advisor/financial pundit Mohamed A. El-Erian: “It’s enchanting to see the reactions of old/new hedging assets,” he said, pointing out BTC relative sturdiness.

Sure to come over here backside under scrutiny (again): the systemic dangers of an OTC derivatives market, that while critical but vibrant, remains largely opaque.

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